$50 VS $5000 Blindfolded Alcohol Taste Test 

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Can we tell the difference between expensive and cheap alcohol? Let's find out!
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Jul 19, 2021




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Comments 0   
TZT 58 minutes ago
plactik hat
Matthew Baetkey
I get that in russia for 1000 dolla
Cayne Hour ago
This shits kinda getting old, go back to the podcast for a few episodes atleast man fuck this is dry
Gokul Krishna
Gokul Krishna Hour ago
Chad reminds me of Bray Wyatt lol
bustin nuts
bustin nuts Hour ago
20 bucks or 4999 bucks, alcohol taste the same.
bigmike 2209
bigmike 2209 Hour ago
Plastic Hat
bustin nuts
bustin nuts Hour ago
8:10 im so disappointed you didnt say it had a little fella on it
alteredjerm 2 hours ago
Why does chad have a fancy mop tied to his head?
Cryptic Nix
Cryptic Nix 2 hours ago
Plastic hat
Richie Cordrey
Richie Cordrey 2 hours ago
The fact they're comparing Jamesons and Scotch truly offends me. Very different. At least it's not like JD versus a Scotch
Professional Virgin
Where the vid of chad with the sardine sticker
Nash Macomber
Nash Macomber 2 hours ago
They really went all out, i mean, $50 dollar alcohol? Jeez, too rich for my blood.
erika m
erika m 3 hours ago
Plastic hat for sure.
punkman115 3 hours ago
Scotch vs whiskey? I guess if its really the same but ive had scotch, i prefer whiskey
Joeyb Theman
Joeyb Theman 3 hours ago
shouldn't have told them the bottles until they chose which one they liked
Ruby Parker
Ruby Parker 3 hours ago
I'm the crystal bee 🐝
Fernando Razo
Fernando Razo 5 hours ago
my guys need to get nelkboys on there... only right.
Nick Fortunato
Nick Fortunato 5 hours ago
You guys should continue doing vids like these reminds me of the old days
Itsukine 6 hours ago
I am here to complain about absolutely nothing :)
Josh Mann
Josh Mann 6 hours ago
OBREY _ 7 hours ago
I turned it off at gin and diet coke smh
S I N N E R 7 hours ago
who else noticed how he said iiix instead of xiiii
Rice n Beans
Rice n Beans 7 hours ago
So this is where Anythingforviews ended up?
Will Engle
Will Engle 7 hours ago
It's all about the law of diminishing returns with alcohol. a $13 bottle of wine is 100 times better than a $3 bottle of wine. But a $300 bottle of wine is barely any better than a $30 bottle.
Corey Farnham
Corey Farnham 7 hours ago
Love these vids but are their anymore pods coming? Is this a lockdown issue I'm confused?
Ethan Vega
Ethan Vega 6 hours ago
pretty sure it’s bc of the cases rising in au
Benjamin Parent
Benjamin Parent 8 hours ago
Idkkkkk how I know this but on the wine not a had more legs ( wine going up the side then going back down having type of streaks on the glass) and I immediately knew it was not a that was 1k
viliusgamer 8 hours ago
how did human cake taste like
L F 8 hours ago
i like the crystal bee
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A 9 hours ago
the editing is so good just makes the video funnier
andrew rudis
andrew rudis 10 hours ago
Chads hair is cultural appropriation
CeeBlair 10 hours ago
Chad looking like Bray Wyatt 😂
jake0q 10 hours ago
Crystal Bee.
CB SushiKiller
CB SushiKiller 10 hours ago
you can see the legs on the "not a" glass without even spinning the glass xD
shani yan
shani yan 10 hours ago
Petition to start funding for an "Anthony from Smosh" bottle of whiskey?!
BIGFATPEACHES 10 hours ago
*buys $1000 bottle of wine* "we only have 2 wine glasses... also we ran out of B's."
Ronald Savage
Ronald Savage 11 hours ago
My wife loves this show now guys 🤯
PureIrony 11 hours ago
NOVELTY HAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!! I'm druk maaaaaan
Don Cochrione
Don Cochrione 11 hours ago
I’m getting Bray Wyatt vibes from Chad
shani yan
shani yan 10 hours ago
" ooo you cant wait to have that 50cent pepsi" lol '
mack165 12 hours ago
15:46 is it just me or did that come extremely close to hitting max
Travis Free
Travis Free 12 hours ago
XIII = 8th
DarKyS 12 hours ago
Drink the cheapest alcohol you can find. Mouthwash included.
Skordil Wabramop
Skordil Wabramop 12 hours ago
Boys this was a fire episode. Ya gotta pay prezoh, the dude is killing it with the edits.
Jógvan Elias Olsen
Jógvan Elias Olsen 12 hours ago
No trying to be rude or anything. But wth is the chubby guy wearing? Same style as my 6 yo daugther xD
Mazutis3 13 hours ago
my vote goes to the plastic hat.
Krypton 13 hours ago
Plastic hat all the fucking way
PepJay 13 hours ago
plastic hat
Aiden W
Aiden W 13 hours ago
DoN JuLiO 1942 iS cLeAr LMFAO BRO WHAT?????? these guys are dumbbbb
Justin Whelan
Justin Whelan 13 hours ago
Chad looking like a soundcloud rapper these days
Malonzo Charles Ken
Malonzo Charles Ken 13 hours ago
the braids look clean on chad
G B 14 hours ago
*plastic hat gang*
StrongMan 14 hours ago
I'm complaining
amir naseri
amir naseri 15 hours ago
" ooo you cant wait to have that 50cent pepsi" lol '
Jacob Richter
Jacob Richter 15 hours ago
Hennessy is absolute shit... Most disgusting whiskey I've ever had
Tovarisch Shashlikov
Man this GMM taste test video is a little bit different than the rest
Jeffery Linn
Jeffery Linn 16 hours ago
How could you complain about anything with these guys??? They are kings!
Just Hermanoff
Just Hermanoff 16 hours ago
Omg how much alcohol they drink, i mean im Finnish so i shouldn't complain but... btw im not complaining im just amazed how much they can take 👍🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺😎😎😎🍺😎🍺😎🍺😎🍺😎😎🍺😎🍺👍🍺👍🍺👍👍🍺👍🍺👍🍺😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
zuluchief81 16 hours ago
Mr. Wizeguy
Mr. Wizeguy 17 hours ago
7:30 "why this bottle looks cheaper" some vine specialist said that cheap looking vine are usually better because good stuff is inside not in label.
capt. madness
capt. madness 17 hours ago
they go wine in the middle for that proper rainbow puke
capt. madness
capt. madness 17 hours ago
"why this one tastes like shit..." "it doesn't Chad, we're just pigs"
trashnugget歿 17 hours ago
$36 for a gin is already expensive, come visit philippines and try our $1 gin 1 sip and u sleep
Big Ed
Big Ed 17 hours ago
I must say from my pov it’s expensive vs more expensive aha
Jiří Řičánek
Jiří Řičánek 17 hours ago
Plastic hat boii
Señor Hilter
Señor Hilter 18 hours ago
Plastic hat all the waaaayyy
William Smeds
William Smeds 19 hours ago
Cold ones fans.
Emilie Johnson
Emilie Johnson 19 hours ago
I’d buy Anthony from smosh- But please don’t make it a wine
Cooper Webbe
Cooper Webbe 19 hours ago
Its louis the 13th my guy not 8th
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 19 hours ago
"Halo grunts are just space minions, change my mind."
Dadstiny DePoop
Dadstiny DePoop 19 hours ago
ayo, when are you alcoholics gonna have the misfits on again?
Lovell Dixon
Lovell Dixon 19 hours ago
anybody else peep gay space invader in the patrons
Basil Bliss
Basil Bliss 19 hours ago
Nem jaff
Reaper 20 hours ago
the 8th? lol dumb
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 19 hours ago
Did beanieboi say 'hiphopxicated'?
E Berk
E Berk 20 hours ago
YO BOYS! Can I PLEASE get the rest of that Glenfiddich! I've been dying to try that for YEARS.
White boy
White boy 20 hours ago
Jesus chads hair looks sexy
Your Dad
Your Dad 21 hour ago
You guys know what's more expensive? The hospital bill after I got liver cancer
MaKiTaKi 22 hours ago
Plastic hatt
NAWK Toons
NAWK Toons 22 hours ago
Cold ones has officially confirmed that Louis XIII is the 8th and NOT 13, Rome you're drunk.
Seth Summers
Seth Summers 22 hours ago
I love this channel watched my first video yesterday and it was hilarious it just shouts liver failure tho 😂😂😂
VirtualBong 22 hours ago
Plastic hat obviously
Vlad the Inhaler
Vlad the Inhaler 23 hours ago
a 5000$ blindfold, damn
Jeffrey Fleks
Jeffrey Fleks 23 hours ago
KipperSkipp 23 hours ago
is no one going to talk about how they're not wearing blindfolds
420 Time
420 Time 23 hours ago
Plastic hat
Emilie Johnson
I love chad’s hair
JoshyBeee Day ago
when tf are you gius gonna get stimpee on huh?
commodore64 Day ago
Did beanieboi say 'hiphopxicated'?
Beau Murray
Beau Murray Day ago
We ran out of b's
kekprod Day ago
"It doesn't Chad, we're just pigs.."
jordan lee
jordan lee Day ago
Plastic hat
Dee Niro
Dee Niro Day ago
The zacappa rum is made in Guatemala and it’s fuckin amazing.
nic Day ago
Jesse Strickland
Bartenders watching this be cringing
Ford_mikko Day ago
Ooouh try 5dollar weed vs 500😂
Digital 3jm
Digital 3jm Day ago
Absolutely love when I get a new video from you guys to watch, keep em coming.
Manjo Day ago
that blue shirt is dope !!
Niddiot Vex
Niddiot Vex Day ago
Sup bitches, someone from the wine community could tell not A was the $1000 as it had nice "legs" as it ran down the glass when swirled. Your welcome.
Grizzly Day ago
Chad do be drippin doe
Dan Marrero
Dan Marrero Day ago
When he threw the "$5000" bottle and it shattered, I was fuckin dead 😂
John R
John R Day ago
I feel like a $5000 bottle of alcohol is one of those things you keep hidden away 'for the right moment' and die without having opened. What I will REALLY never understand, though, is people who buy expensive Vodka. It's like people who buy "organic white vinegar". Also, why are they dressed like the Babysitters Club?