2HYPE Was Talking Sh** Then Got EXPOSED BAD! 5v5 Basketball! 

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Linked up with 2HYPE for some 5v5 basketball. I hold grudges 😈

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Jul 18, 2021




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Zac Carman
Zac Carman 12 minutes ago
Bruh so much talkin for a pickup game! No humbleness. Good players but it hurts to watch
SneakyRee 46 minutes ago
Bruh that guy on nicks team has the worst beard ever that shit looks weird
D1 Jayson
D1 Jayson 55 minutes ago
This is cringe😐
Sawyer Novak
Sawyer Novak Hour ago
too many key board nerds called this corny, but Nick and his crew wanted to shut down the 2hype talk so they did and sent it back. maybe some of you never played sports growing up but if you got the MJ instinct instead of the Mamba instinct, you'll say anything to anyone.
Mufasa Escanor
Mufasa Escanor 56 minutes ago
Devin Hartsoe
Devin Hartsoe Hour ago
Y’all we’re trying too hard and 2hype was just trying to vibe
Niyago666 Hour ago
This is so cringe
Logan Trigg
Logan Trigg Hour ago
The guy with green shoes is dog water
JaSmoove09 Hour ago
No cap for all y’all defending 2hype I love them but the smoked on them and I also watch nick and Carlos a goated dude also what’s ur favorite anime
Ian Mack
Ian Mack 2 hours ago
Yo its amazin how mouthy y’all get playin some scary ass scrubs, certainly aint talkn like that at the park. Y’all straight ass too u chump killerz
David da Cunha
David da Cunha 2 hours ago
Finally someone who calls out Cash for his bullshit jailball defense...
Green Playz
Green Playz 2 hours ago
Nick thinks hes black talking all shit but all he does is a hesi and a explosive stepback
Alex E
Alex E 2 hours ago
none of y’all wanna see 2hype with kris 100%😭
Alex E
Alex E 2 hours ago
all of y’all talk to much when 1 of you is good 💀
xavierTV 2 hours ago
my team will run y’all no cap ✅ lmk if y’all need that.
Contested Hook
Contested Hook 2 hours ago
Is nick usually this annoying
Ethan Andrade
Ethan Andrade 2 hours ago
chinese boy said ni**ga added on
Taieem Comeaux
Taieem Comeaux 3 hours ago
And the tallest person is shooting the most. Injured or not. Its not hard to make a lay up
Taieem Comeaux
Taieem Comeaux 3 hours ago
Let me humble all y’all Fr fr
Karon Cooks
Karon Cooks 3 hours ago
Is it me or dude feet was on the line and counted it as a 3?
Jan Chua
Jan Chua 3 hours ago
I like how they talking shit about 2Hype even tho they aren’t even near they’re prime….
Matt Burgo
Matt Burgo 3 hours ago
y’all said 2hype talked shit when they didn’t say anything other then cash, but that’s cash so
slapsyst 3 hours ago
13:51... nick this ain't soccer bro
Big Dog187
Big Dog187 3 hours ago
One of the best videos ever, great job, that shit was so funny
UG Iced
UG Iced 4 hours ago
this the cringiest shit ive seen in a minute
Morgz7 4 hours ago
Idk whats more annoying Nick or his jumper
Gunslata Is on Top
Gunslata Is on Top 4 hours ago
2hype just got straight up toasted
MichaelsGoated 4 hours ago
Bro cash lowkey got bitched . BY CARLOS
Joshua Navarro
Joshua Navarro 4 hours ago
Bruh I like 2hype and Nick but this is just messy and sad tbh
Chansieyha Leu
Chansieyha Leu 4 hours ago
Carlos a weirdo
ISpy Whipz
ISpy Whipz 4 hours ago
Pull up to texas let me get buckets
MJL DTH 4 hours ago
Nah ur petty for this…smh
ISpy Whipz
ISpy Whipz 4 hours ago
I need to get buckets with y’all
DrxyBeats 4 hours ago
I straight up hate listening to Nick speak😐
Erick :
Erick : 4 hours ago
James=Shanghai sharks
Yourboievan 23
Yourboievan 23 5 hours ago
U need to take cash with u guys out to the parks
World Roy
World Roy 5 hours ago
4:12 lsk always hurt
Joey Lightsey
Joey Lightsey 5 hours ago
Why that mans beard look glued on?
Marcus Sanders
Marcus Sanders 5 hours ago
And second the dude said cash. shot was broke he missed every shot he shot
Media Management
Media Management 5 hours ago
Why would anyone be afraid of Nick in a fight? lol
Marcus Sanders
Marcus Sanders 5 hours ago
He is such a loud talking white boy
bodie 5 hours ago
the more I watch these videos, the less I like this guy... but yet... here I am...
Lotus 5 hours ago
This is a bad look for 2hype
lamesalegend 5 hours ago
Why do all of these games seem like bar fights. Lotta negativity, doesn’t seem fun
Noah Hyde
Noah Hyde 5 hours ago
Dude, 2hype just tryin to ball and all nicks teams doin is talkin shit…like too personal shit. It’s like, “bro, chill out. It’s just a game.” 🤣🤣🤣
T Crist
T Crist 5 hours ago
6:11 James traveled so bad 😂
Jonah Kanoho
Jonah Kanoho 6 hours ago
Play them again w kris healthy and zack there gon be way different no excuse tho good dub
Mason Tronsor
Mason Tronsor 6 hours ago
Jesser looked scared AF and I don’t blame him one bit lol
Alex 6 hours ago
Fuck 2hype why is 2hype
Maxwell Dutert
Maxwell Dutert 6 hours ago
Damn all they do is talk shit
Jr Peyton Manning
Jr Peyton Manning 6 hours ago
Bro James a sell out they need zack lol
Yo Bro
Yo Bro 6 hours ago
I dont know what caused all this animosity lmao but I LOVE IT. Nick always got the spiciest shit in his videos
Jeffy Fan
Jeffy Fan 6 hours ago
All ima say is it would of been a different story it they had zack
Aisha Ahmat
Aisha Ahmat 6 hours ago
So cringe
G 6 hours ago
Then dont watch lmao…. Simple you know nick and his friends talk lot of shit ….🤣🤣🤣
Jack Tobias
Jack Tobias 6 hours ago
He made the title 2hype talking sh*t but I never heard them say a word it was all Nick and his team. Plus I’ve never even heard of Nick or anyone on that team until Cash put this link in his vid where Cash and kenny destroyed Nick and that noodle head
Hi it’s Sebastian
I’m a fan but y’all talking on Kenny and cash and that’s a no no Carlos straight up trash and he do the most
Truuly Justino
Truuly Justino 7 hours ago
Nick bro you had little to no points
blackb0y23 7 hours ago
Black team all playing like school threats
Bryan Braun
Bryan Braun 7 hours ago
I only come for Chauncey.
Mïzo95 7 hours ago
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton 7 hours ago
I have never in my entire life seen a group of guys that are a little above average at basketball and think they are the hardest and best hoopers around 😂
Ronnie Kim
Ronnie Kim 7 hours ago
Dammm Nick I like you but y’all was talking way to much in this one…. Play ball
cooper maj
cooper maj 7 hours ago
2hype doesn't play enough 5v5, they gotta play 5v some more then lets see a rematch
Zaebo1k 8 hours ago
no cap after watching this ion fw nick no more he used to be alot humbler than this he letting this clout get to him
6Trey Toaster
6Trey Toaster 8 hours ago
y’all are playin 2hype lmaoo stop all that fake tuff shit😂
Joseph Rosario
Joseph Rosario 8 hours ago
There’s no way this is real
6Trey Toaster
6Trey Toaster 8 hours ago
13:48 relax bro this isn’t the nba finals😂
Michael Paul
Michael Paul 8 hours ago
Dude with the beard is just there.
Tony Mcswain
Tony Mcswain 8 hours ago
y’all lame
Carter Garrelts
Carter Garrelts 8 hours ago
Didn’t have Zach, kris wasn’t healthy , it’s going completely the other way if they fully rostered
Devan Buckeridge
Devan Buckeridge 8 hours ago
Everyone on Nick's team were so corny and gay in this vid 😂
FLguiice 9 hours ago
Idk Dey was talkin reckless to Cash jit seemed coo dis whole game
Mikey TM
Mikey TM 9 hours ago
This has to be stage😭
AJ Getsbuckets
AJ Getsbuckets 9 hours ago
It feels so good to have animosity on the court and then shut the trash talkers up but sadly that did not happen this video
Jordan Lindsey
Jordan Lindsey 9 hours ago
yall saying who are they who tf is half the people on your team
Jordan Lindsey
Jordan Lindsey 9 hours ago
calling out a hurt 2hype who thought they we playing a friendly 5v5 and "savage squad" came in hella loud n disrespectful and mean for no reason lol y'all weak im 15 6'0 and would smoke half yo team in a 1v1 lmaoo
Javon Williams
Javon Williams 9 hours ago
I would’ve uped the blic f**ked that
M 9 hours ago
This video is cringe to the max
Landon Atwood
Landon Atwood 9 hours ago
Never seen a video of nick or Carlos actually getting physical after talking so much
M 9 hours ago
This video makes me wanna unsubscribe… oh wait, I never was subscribed. Good thing I never did!
Espn Bennett
Espn Bennett 9 hours ago
if 2hype had zack its over
Zexplxy 9 hours ago
Never clicked off a video so fast. Entire team talking out their neck
Grant Kheno
Grant Kheno 9 hours ago
They all need to be humbled lolol!!!
Grant Kheno
Grant Kheno 9 hours ago
Carlos talks shit but would lose 1 on 1 to everyone on 2 hype literally lol he’s shit he can’t dribble he hand checks everyone he guards they hype him up too much way too much he only scores off wideopen 3s when he gets contested a lil bit he wiffs it and is way off 😂if they play decent hoopers they’ll get dragged lol
Grant Kheno
Grant Kheno 9 hours ago
Chancey is the only good one everyone else is mediocre big dude is only big he can only go to his right hand, Carlos only shoots threes he gets lucky cause he corner sits and people let him shoot, nick only drives can’t shoot and his driving isn’t consistent he misses dunks all the time and blows layups. They talking hella shit and not even doing good 2 hype just can’t score lol
Dane Sundell
Dane Sundell 10 hours ago
17:10 “Imma body slam you bro” 😂
MonkeyDLuffy 10 hours ago
Funniest part of this is nick and Carlos lost to cash and Kenny in a 2v2 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Styleskid11 10 hours ago
2Hype ain’t never doing this again 😂😂😂
Kyle Bures-Guerrero
Kyle Bures-Guerrero 10 hours ago
Carlos is trashhh
Ethanminecraftpoop 10 hours ago
Carlos really thinks hes the best but he really aint
Michael Blackburn
Michael Blackburn 10 hours ago
Looks like the little kid 2hype fans all came here lmao
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos 10 hours ago
Not gonna lie y’all look annoying as fuck to play with but seeing jiedel get called a little boy was the most satisfying thing I’ve seen💀
G 6 hours ago
He is 26 years old…… he didnt he say ahit back he was shoocked 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos 10 hours ago
14:17 If y’all wondering what I’m talking about💀
Sourmash 10 hours ago
All these dudes are pathetic individuals 😂